Wedding Photography Timeline Tips

It can feel quite overwhelming to get your timeline sorted, but I am here to help.

It will obviously depend on what time of the year you will be getting married. A good tip is to check the sunset time on to make sure you plan your wedding timeline accordingly.

Check how late sunset is and make sure that your formal couple portraits are between 45min and 1 hour before sunset. Just keep in mind that the sun set differently in certain areas. For example if the venue is set between mountains the sun will set earlier, so plan your timing a bit earlier. 

Remember to count in for traveling. How far apart are you and your partner getting ready? How far is your getting ready location from your ceremony venue? How far do you need to drive for your formal couple portraits?

Of course all weddings are unique and nothing is set in stone, but the following timing is a good rule of thumb in order to capture the important moments



Groom getting ready 

1 hour

Bride getting ready 

20-30 minutes details eg. dress, shoes, flowers etc.

30-40minutes getting dressed

30min formal portraits of the bride and with parents and/or bridesmaids

Add a few minutes to take everything in before you are off the meet your groom at the altar.


This depends on you. It can range anything from 20minutes to 1 hour. 

Register signing, confetti takes about
15 min

Family Portraits

I always suggest capturing the family portraits straight after the ceremony. Everyone will already be there and after that your guests can enjoy canapés. 

Bridal Party 

20-30 minutes, Depending on how big your bridal party is. 

You can either do this straight after family portraits or enjoy canapes with guests and then go for your bridal party photos. 

Couple Portraits

40minutes to 1 hour

It is ideal to do your couple portraits during sunset for those soft, golden light, sough after portraits. 


This will depend on how many hours you have booked your photographer for. 
Also, how late your formals end. 

Every wedding is unique, so let me know what you have planned for your wedding and I will assist with a personalized timeline for you.

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