Family photos at a wedding is a great time to get all of your family members photographed who you do not see a lot and a bargain that everyone is dressed for the occasion.
BUT with family photos it can most times be a headache to get everyone orchestrated, but that can be overcome with these tips:

  1. Compile a family list with your fiancé. By doing this you will not miss an important group photo. Normally your photographer will also ask for a list of family memebers you want photographed, so you can send this list on to your photographer.
  2. It is a great idea to assign the MC or anyone who is familiar with the family to orchestrate all the family members. Make sure this person receives a copy of the family groupings.
  3. Ask your minister to announce when the ceremony is done that all the immediate family member’s must come together at a certain point after the confetti has been thrown. Everyone will then know that they must go to a specific point and there will be no missing family members. This is also a good time if you want a big group photo of all your guests.
  4. You can also discuss with your family members before your wedding that you would like a family photo taken with them at the wedding so they know of this in advance.
  5. Let your photographer know if there are any special considerations at your wedding. For example, your aunt from another country is at the wedding and of course you would like a photo with her or your parents are divorced, whatever the situat
    ion is. Your photographer will not know this stuff if you do not communicate with her/him.Here is a list of family photos that is mostly taken on the day, but change as you see fit:
    Bride & Groom with bride’s family
    Bride & Groom with groom’s family
    Bride & Groom with both parents
    Bride & Groom with bride’s parents
    Bride & Groom with groom’s parents
    Bride with each parent alone
    Groom with each parent alone
    Bride & Groom with grandparents

    Are you planning your wedding and was these tips helpful? 

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