Planning perfect outfits for beautiful portraits

The questions I get asked the most is, what do I wear to my photo session?
Here are some tips on what to keep in mind when planning your photo session outfits.

Neutral Colours:
Colours make a difference to the look and feel of your photos.
Neutrals tend to blend well with different backgrounds and create a balanced look and will always be timeless.
Add a pop of muted tones to your neutral outfits if you would like more colour.

Take a look at the Pinterest board I created for some outfit inspiration HERE

Bold colour
For some people colour equal happiness so why not pick a bold colour if that is what you are after.
Pick a bold colour or two at most and combine it with a neutral colour to balance the colours out.

Bright colour may most definitely cast a colour on skin which is why I recommend not to wear if you are planning a couple or family photo session, but only a portrait session of you alone.
Imagine having a red colour cast on your partner’s skin.

Patterns and Logos:
The focus must be on the subjects in the photo. It’s best to avoid clothing with big patterns, bold graphics, cartoon character or prominent logos, as they can quickly become dated. Opt for solid colors or subtle patterns, such as delicate stripes or small prints that won’t overpower.
Different textures adds and interesting element. A few examples are lace, wool, floral and plaid.

Coordinate Colors and Styles:
Gone are the days of white t-shirts and jeans. Perfectly matching outfits is uninteresting.
If you are being photographed with others, coordinate your outfits to create a balanced look by choosing complementary colors or shades from the same color family.

Keep in mind where you photo session is going to take place and then decide which colours will blend in nicely.

Dress for the season:
You might want to wear an extra layer if your sessions is taking place during the colder months.
A short summer dress is not a good idea for a winter session or a beach session and can make you uncomfortable.
Also keep in mind what shoes will be most comfortable at the location you will be shooting at. Stilettos for example, it not a good idea on the beach.

Timeless Accessories:
Accessorize with timeless pieces that enhance your outfits without overpowering them. It is also an chance to add texture and that pop of colour. Simple and elegant jewelry, classic watches, or delicate scarves can add a touch of sophistication to your look. Remember to keep accessories minimal and let the focus remain on the subjects.

Finish off your look with well-groomed hair and natural-looking makeup. Avoid extreme hairstyles or heavy makeup trends that may date the photos. Instead, aim for a clean and polished appearance that highlights your natural beauty.
A simple manicure rounds it all off.

Keep in mind the type of scene that you would like to create. If you want playful, fun photos with the kids, you will not be able to run around freely if you are wearing a pair of heels or short dress.
A pair of cotton pants or comfy jeans will work perfectly. Or even a longer linen dress.

Also, keep the location and weather in mind.

Your best asset
Focus on what part of yourself you like most and highlight that. It will be an instant confidence booster.
If you are conscious about a certain body part, make sure to cover that area up. If, for example, you are conscious about your arms (which you should not be, but you know us woman), do not wear an item that shows off your arms. Rather cover that area and remember to highlight your best part.

Tailored/well fitted garments that flatters your body shape will make you feel comfortable and full or confidence.

Don’t be afraid to dress up
A tailored suit, button down shirt and an elegant dress will definitely add sophistication to your images. You will also have so much fun as you obviously do not dress this way everyday.
If you do not have anything like this in your closet, there are plenty places you can rent dresses from.

Colours in your home
If you are thinking of displaying images in your home. What colours do you like to decorate with in your home? Incorporate these colours in your photo session so everything looks perfect when hanging your framed prints on your walls. Once again, neutrals is the best option as it will stay classic for many years and still look good in your home, even if you changed your interior colours.

Extra tips:
If you are booking your photo session in the summer, make sure that you look after your skin and stay out of the sun to prevent sunburn. You do not want ugly tan lines to ruin your perfect summer dress.

Talking about tan lines. If you really do want a bit of a tan, please do not apply self-tan at home. Orange, streaky skin is not a good look and the your skin will look even more orange on camera. Rather get it professionally done and make sure to test it out before-hand so you know what the colour will look like on you.

If you are are wearing darker colours, make sure you have a lint brush on hand to keep all the lint away.

Remember, the goal of creating timeless photos sticking to neutral or muted colors, classic styles, and well-fitted outfits. Express your own style in your chosen colours.
Your images will remain timeless for years to come.

Did you find this helpful?

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