JM & Mandie | Surprise Enagement

Mandie is a dear friend of mine, so to be part of her engagement was so special to me!
I have known her for a few years now. She started assisting me every now and then a few years ago and we just clicked! She moved back to Bloemfontein (where she also met her fiance, JM) and still assists me with weddings and photo sessions every now and then when she is visting Mossel Bay. We have so much fun together!

She and her fiance was here for Easter with their family and of course JM was also planning to ask her!
So the plan was that Mandie was going to assist me with a couple session and we would have gone for a coffee afterwards with JM to do some catching up.
So they went to the spot where the session would have took place and she was surprised when she saw the picnic setup and super confused when there was no couple to photograph and also, I was obviously hiding so she could not see me.
JM did a great job because she did not suspect a thing!
It was such a special moment and I am honored to have been part of that!

Oh and by the way, the picnic setup was done by me hehe!

I am already looking forward to this wedding happening next year <3 This time I will be going as a guest!

Enjoy the images xx

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