5 Reasons Why You Should Book An Engagement Session

So you are newly engaged and wondering if you should book an engagement session. The answer is YES! 

Here are 5 reason why you should book your engagement session:

  1. In my opinion it is better to book your engagement session with the same photographer who is going to photograph your wedding. You get to know your photographer better and will feel more at ease with him/her on your wedding day. 

2. You can use your engagement photos in different ways for your wedding. A few options are for the save the date and your wedding invitation.

3. You will receive beautiful memories you can print and hang in your house. There are so many options on how you can display your photos.

4. Display them at your wedding.
Here is one example: Print one of your favourite photos and let your guests sign it. It’ s a unique piece for you to treasure and look back at.

An engagement photo session should be fun! Personalize it and make it your own. Where did you go for your first date? Is there a specific ‘thing’ that you do together as a couple and enjoy? Keep that in mind when planning your engagement session.

Getting engaged is a big milestone so book your engagement session and have fun with it!

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